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Welcome to my new BUY SARMS blog all about the wonderful world of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. These amazing inventions mimic the positive actions of the male hormone testosterone and other anabolic steroids with none of the nasty androgenic side effects. The two most famous SARMS are called Andarine aka S4 and Ostarine ( generic name Enobosarm ). Developement on S4 was stopped in 2010 Ostarine on the other hand is being heralded as the next wonder drug for the treatment of muscle loss in the sick and elderly. They are also become popular with recreational users such as bodybuilders and sport men and women. Until recently they were undetectable by sporting bodies such as WADA and ASADA.

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Today I read they have now officially changed the name of Ostarine to Enobosarm but I think these press releases may be incorrect as doing a little research it appear that Enobosarm is actually the generic name for it. The product is getting plenty of press of late so it looks like they may well get FDA approval for it in the next year or so. At one time it was known only by it’s code name which was GTx-024. The company who makes it also has another drug in development called Capesaris which recently had it’s trial dates pushed pack causing their stock values to fall by a huge margin. According to GTX’s own figures they are burning through seven to ten million a quarter. Sadly for them it looks like someone may be cyber squatting their Enobosarm. com domain name. Let’s hope the company’s financial woes don’t have a negative effect on the development and availability of it’s flagship SARM Ostarine which provides a safer option to those trying to buy steroids uk or peptides online

Currently the only way you can buy sarms is as research chemicals for laboratory use. Although why the average scientist would be experimenting with SARMS is a mystery to me. I’m sure the legit bioscience corporations who sell them must be smarter enough to know their products are ending up in the hands of blackmarket users. I’m also surprised that GTX hasn’t gone after them for selling the SARM Ostarine which it developed and I presume owns all rights to.

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Research SARMS a better choice than trying to buy steroids online are normally sold in solution these are made by dissolving the raw SARM powder such as Ostarine in a non toxic solvent such as DMSO, PEG 300 or Ethanol or a combination of the three. Typically a strength of 25 mg per ml is used and they are sold in either thirty or fifty ml capacity bottles often supplied with a dropper or insulin syringe for easy measurement. Many retailers claim to be sourcing their SARMS from US based manufacturers which to us seems rather silly as the prices charged by US suppliers are sky high and it would be very difficult to justify huge regular purchases from them without arousing their suspicions. It’s far more likley that the SARMS like Ostarine finding their way onto the blackmarket via predominantly online sales are being manufactured and supplied by factories in the far east.

I’ve been getting a few emails from readers asking me where I consider the best place to buy sarms. There are loads of options currently. Doing a search for buys sarms on google will bring up around thirty different choices and there are many more that don’t bother trying to get traffic from search engines and instead rely on banner advertising on the various steroid and bodybuilding forums. The most well known online sarms sellers are SarmsSearch ( a company rumored to be run by infamous steroid writer Anthony Roberts ) and Osta Sarms.

Another email I got was from a reader who insisted that Ostarine and Enobosarm are two different products which I promise you is not the case. To confirm just do a search for Enobosarm and you’ll see numerous press releases from it’s maker GTX inc about Ostarine being issued with Enobosarm as it’s new generic / nonproprietary drug name.

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It has always seemed a little odd to me that research sites selling Sarms have targeted the brand name products such as Ostarine with apparently no fear of GTX or other patent holders coming after them. Perhaps my understanding of intelectual property when it comes to drug development is rather limited but I thought that newly discovered molecules such as Enobosarm are trademarks or at least their methods of production were. I presume that sarms cannot be reverse engineered and thus the trademark holders on them cannot prove how the research chemical companies suppliers have made their versions of them. The actual patents that show how the Sarms such as ostarine are made are of course publicly viewable and tell other chemical companies exactly how to make them. When you attempt to buy Enobosarm or any other blackmarket SARM. You can naver be 100% confident of the purity or that you are even getting the one you actually wanted. Those lab tests done by the German antidoping institute indicated that most products were underdosed by around twenty five to thirty percent and that some were overdosed by as much as fifty percent. Personally if were experimenting with any black market product I would always start off by using way less than the labelled amount and slowly working upwards once I was sure that my experiments were not reacting badly to the stuff. Of course if you unhappy with any of these items that you order online there is very little that can be done about it other than trying to get a refund or cancelling the credit card payment you’ve made ( often easier said than done ). Several of the online providers do advertise non quibble guarantees but I have yet to see any forum posts where any guys have claimed to have gotten their money back probably because the places who do actually refund want to keep it quiet and protect the reputation of their products.

The Olympics is just around the corner should be very interesting to see if any athletes tests positive for doping due to SARMS this year.

Someone just emailed me to ask what typical research sarms look like so here’s a shot of the container that the majority of suppliers you for their liquid Ostarine solutions.

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